Anti-pollution detox treatment

effective in preventing oxidative damage

Single-use two-phase treatment
1. Detox cream
with maritime pine extract
2. Hydrating mask
with extract of Eperua Falcata

Exclusive features:
– enhanced anti-impurity effect
– hydrated skin
– black charcoal tissue

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

Detox effect to prevent oxidative damage

Tested benefits

This facial treatment has been specifically developed to have an anti-pollution-detox effect on the skin which, thanks to the specific formulations, combined with the special viscose fabric with carbon, can help prevent oxidative damage to the skin leaving it cleansed and hydrated.

The innovative line of Elective high-end cosmetics has been created to provide added benefits to the skin thanks to the formulas rich in superior active ingredients, aimed at contrasting the weakening of the skin’s defences and restoring the natural pH against factors, such as atmospheric pollution, the penetration of ultra-violet rays, skin ageing and daily stress.



elective trattamento viso


Marine pine extract has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
It can preserve and protect collagen, the protein which keeps skin smooth and supple.
The extract is used to combat the formation of expression lines and wrinkles caused by ageing, exposure to sunlight (photo-ageing) or urban pollution.

Eperua falcata is a tropical plant and the extract is taken from the bark.
Extract of Eperua Falcata is an excellent remedy for purifying the skin of the face. It combats premature ageing of the skin caused by oxidative stress and environmental pollution.
The extract has a significant anti-oxidant and hydrating action, which gives softness, elasticity and new light to the face.
The treatment based on the extract of Eperua Falcata is ideal for protecting your skin if you live in the city.