Hydrating treatment with thermal mud

effective in improving skin tone

Single-use two-phase treatment
1. Thermal mud sebum regulator
with kelp extract
2. Hydrating mask
with Trehalose

Exclusive features:
– high absorbency
– hydrated skin
– high release tissue

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

Regulates sebum and absorbs impurities

Tested benefits

This facial treatment has been specifically developed to act as asebum regulator with specific active ingredients and a high absorbency of skin impurities.

Thanks to the special micro-perforated high-release fabric, the formula is absorbed by the skin for long-lasting purification and hydration.

The innovative line of Elective high-end cosmetics has been created to provide added benefits to the skin thanks to the formulas rich in superior active ingredients, aimed at combating the weakening of the skin’s defences and restoring the natural pH against the polluting factors in the atmosphere, UV ray penetration, skin ageing and daily stress.





Kelp is typically found in the North Sea and North Atlantic Ocean where it is harvested and dried.
It is valued, above all, for its high content of mineral salts, such as iodine, but also for the large quantity of vitamins, potassium and magnesium.
Kelp (or Kombu) is recognised for its positive effects: it provides the skin with oxygen, minerals and hydrating substances. It can also absorb toxins and skin impurities, releasing revitalising elements, creating a protective, hydrating barrier. After treatment, the skin is better hydrated and more toned.
Kelp is also used in thalassotherapy to stimulate the organism, drain and reactivate micro-circulation.

Trehalose is a sugar with preservative properties found in some desert plants.
This molecule allows organisms to survive even in extreme drought conditions. Trehalose has extraordinary ‘water retention’ properties.
It can absorb moisture, guaranteeing long-lasting skin hydration.
In addition, it protects the skin from the damage caused by free radicals, UV rays and the process of skin ageing.