Protective seaweed facial treatment

effective against the signs of photo-ageing

Single-use three-phase treatment
1. Restructuring lotion
with extract of Furcellaria
2. Nourishing mask
with seaweed
3. Instant tensor serum
with Argan extract

Exclusive features:
– ultra-plumping effect
– relaxed skin
– high release tissue

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

Plumping and restructuring effect with wrinkle reduction

This three-phase treatment has been specifically developed to give skin a plumping and restructuring effect with a reduction in wrinkles, protecting it against the signs of photo-ageing.

The special fabric mask, made with high-release micro-perforated texture, allows a constant transfer of the active nourishing ingredients contained in the formula which boosts the instant tensor effect of the serum, resulting in more relaxed skin.

The innovative line of high-end cosmetics has been created to provide added benefits to the skin, thanks to the formulas rich in superior active ingredients, aimed at combating the weakening of the skin’s defences and restoring the natural pH against the polluting factors in the atmosphere, UV ray penetration, skin ageing and daily stress.

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The extract of Furcellaria (red algae from the Scandinavian sea) is an excellent remedy for combating the signs of skin ageing and boosting skin regeneration mechanisms.

The algae protect the skin from the effects of atmospheric agents (even UV rays) and boost hydration.

Argan extract is sourced from the seeds of the fruit of the Argan tree.
It is renowned for its extraordinary anti-oxidant, nourishing and hydrating properties.
Argan extract is rich in vitamin E and protects and repairs the skin from free radicals.
It is also an extraordinary natural anti-oxidant. It contrasts premature ageing, regenerating and protecting the skin from the aggression of atmospheric agents.
It makes the skin of the face radiant, smooth and soft. If used regularly, it can even reduce bag under eyes.

The use of seaweed in cosmetics is a tradition that originated in the East and dates back to the dawn of time. We now know that seaweed is an invaluable source of active ingredients against skin ageing. Precious ingredients are extracted from seaweed which contrast the effects of free radicals.
All types of seaweed contain mineral salts, vitamins, essential amino acids and anti-oxidants and are a source of hydration precisely because they retain water.
One of the many benefits of seaweed is its ability to purify the skin and elminate dead cells.
The complexion thus appears more relaxed and radiant.